Instruction Manual of Course-taking (1st Semester for Academic Year 2017)

Instruction Manual of Course-taking
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(The relevant regulation and illustration of course taking is introduced in detail in the “Instruction Manual of Course-taking”.)
Notices of Online Course-taking

  • It is opened for course-taking registration except for the system maintaining duration, 00:00-02:00, when is unable to register the course adding and dropping.
  • The course-taking registration of every stage will be deleted after the random number generation. Please do remember to register the added courses and the order of ambition of the stage.
  • Please check the “Preselected Schedule” of the schedule query in the student system before registering the preselection. In principle, the system will bring in the required and must-elective courses directly (unless otherwise stipulated). You need not to register to add the courses already in the schedule. If you do not need to take the brought-in courses, please register to drop them online.
  • Please query the result of the preselected course-taking in the “Preselected Schedule”, and query the result of the first and second stage of the adding online in the “Semester Schedule”. Meanwhile, the result of each stage will be emailed to every student. Please remember to receive the email for confirmation.
※         According to the regulation of the Ministry of Education, the credits for each semester must be 18 hours fully. All courses must be examined within the week of exam (Final Exam without exception) except for the graduating class, which is able to be quizzed within the week of graduation exam.
Query of Course Information
《Course Information Website》
In addition to querying the course information of the school, you can also plan your own schedule by consulting the number of registered students of each course currently.
《Course Detail Query》

Course Enrollment Notice