Tunghai University 2018 International Mobility Grant Program Announcement

  • 2018-06-11
  • 課務

Processing Times and Procedure

  1. Application Date: The Curriculum Section of the Office of Academic Affairs is currently accepting applications until 6/15(Friday). Please submit applications collectively through your college’s respective Higher Education Sprout Project Assistant, to be turned into a representative from the Curriculum Section.
  2. Application Result Announcement: Evaluation results are expected to be completed and announced by the end of June.
  3. Process: Please see attached documents.
  1. Applicable Grant Items:
    1. Overseas Classes: Relevant courses opened by each college department, courses specifically designed to implement necessary overseas teaching, with at least five (5) participating students, led abroad by one (1) teacher. 
    2. Overseas Internship: When each major opens professional internship courses, and students study as well as travel abroad for contracted business internships. Five or more students interning in the same overseas region/country in 2017 Second Semester (summer included), with prior application, may have one counseling teacher to visit the overseas internship institutions to review the work of students, with one visit per region and semester as guiding principle.
    3. Short-term Overseas Intensive Workshop(s) or Studies: A team of five or more students, led by one teacher, participating in short-term overseas intensive workshop(s) or studies as authorized by the head of major, with content that includes education or academic exchange that elevates learning results.

For details related to this announcement, please see the documents attached below.

Curriculum Section
Office of Academic Affairs